A tour of the inns and hostelries of the Cotswolds with Bettabus. We're more than happy to know our place in the Snooty Fox, we're ready to slaughter a pint in The Slaughters and when it comes to wearing our best jewels in a comfy place there's nowhere better than the Crown and Cushion. Tetbury is one of the most delightful towns in the Cotswolds that anyone could wish to visit.

July 2016

Bettabus at an operating water mill in Lower Slaughter. We were amazed to see how little water is needed to turn such a large wheel. A very interesting and peaceful village. Well worth visiting.

Here we are on a tour of Kent and our first stop was in Canterbury. Everyone got out of the Bettabus in The Friars which was conveniently close to the High Street. The Marlowe Theatre is the backdrop to our visit.

Continuing our journey around Kent here we are at Leeds Castle, named, not after the town in Yorkshire but after the manor of Esledes (now Leeds) in Kent, which was founded in 879.

The interior of the castle itself is excellently equipped to allow wheelchair movement through most of it. Everyone learned an awful lot from the well presented displays in each of the rooms.

What a pretty place! The grounds of Leeds Castle are easily accessible by wheelchair as our pictures show. The collections of ducks, geese and swans are truly remarkable. It might be a bird of exquisite plumage but the shrill cry of a peacock roaming loose provided quite a noticeable cacophony to let you know it was there!

Off we went to Gatwick Airport. The weather was a bit murky on the way down and didn't improve as we waited in the coach park ready to collect a large group of two families with loads of luggage. Plenty of room in the bus meant everyone sat comfortably and awkwardness of luggage shapes, cases, baby buggies, water skis, golf clubs, etc was not an issue.

Bettabus even supplied child booster seats and a little baby's seat.

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